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Resources To Prevent & Deal With Workplace Conflict With Customers and Colleagues
Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook (For Public Sector Employees)
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Important Note: While the examples in this book were designed for government situations, the principles and skills apply to any context or industry. People in any kind of organization can benefit from this workbook.

Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook (For Public Sector Employees) 

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We are proud to announce the release of our new publication, The Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook. You and your staff can learn how to deal with hostile customers without going to a seminar, and without being away from the job.  

The workbook is based on our popular course of the same name, and includes principles, and specific actions employees can take to handle difficult situations professionally and quickly. Based on the experience of more than 2000 participants in our course, this product is unique in its focus on the government context. Almost every chapter contains practice examples, so that employees not only learn "about" the techniques, but get to practice them.  

What's Inside? Topics include:  

. The Government Context 
. Nature of Hostile Behaviour Click to read 
. How Hostile Situations Escalate 
. Principles of Defusing  
. Art of Self-Control 
. Starting Off Successfully 
. Using Co-operative Language 
. Verbal Self-Defense Techniques  
. Acknowledgement Tactics 
. Countering Non-Verbal Intimidation 
. Referral Techniques 
. Telephone Hostility 
. Limit Setting 

Over 230 pages of text and exercises to assist you and your staff! Answers to many exercises are provided so that learners can evaluate their own expertise. Eighty defusing tactics are described.  

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And, in case you don't know, our publications come with a 7 day return policy. Don't like it? Return it within seven days of receipt, in resellable condition, and we will cancel your invoice. No risk, no argument.  

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