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Resources To Prevent & Deal With Workplace Conflict With Customers and Colleagues
Workplace Conflict Resource Center 
Providing you with resources to prevent, manage & resolve conflict in the workplace. Our website is a free resource to support individuals, managers and companies increase job satisfaction, reduce, stress, save time, and increase productivity. 
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Conflict Prevention In The Workplace 
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It doesn't matter what sector or what industry. Conflict can interfere with getting the job done, OR it can be harnessed to drive improved customer service and improve organizational life. It's up to we behave to prevent destructive conflict and how we deal with it when it occurs (and it will). 

The Institute For Conflict Prevention is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations work to prevent destructive conflict, and learn ways to use it effectively. This web site is a public service repository for resources to help you, regardless of sector. Here are some of the issues we address: 

  • How to prevent conflict from occurring in teams and with co-workers
  • Dealing with difficult, aggressive or angry customers
  • Communicating more effectively with the boss (getting heard)
  • Safety and workplace violence issues
  • How to learn better safer ways of dealing with other's anger
  • How to KEEP customers even when they get upset
  • Conflict Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
We'll teach you about personality conflicts and what they mean, the manipulative methods people use to control others, and how to counter them. We'll teach you specific actions and skills. And we will consider different situations. For example, are you in the retail sector? Perhaps a teacher or school board trustee? A government employee? In the hospitality industry? 

Enough preamble. Explore the around. Pay special attention to the clickable banners below. They will let you know of new material and "special" stuff on the site. 


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