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Resources To Prevent & Deal With Workplace Conflict With Customers and Colleagues
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Providing you with resources to prevent, manage & resolve conflict in the workplace. Our website is a free resource to support individuals, managers and companies increase job satisfaction, reduce, stress, save time, and increase productivity. 
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What's A Help Card? 

A help card is a double-sided laminated 8.5 x11 inch card that focuses on a single subject, and provides focused information that you can apply directly in the workplace. They can be used as  job aids (reminders), or as guides for a particular process (team development, strategic planning etc.). Most of the help cards deal with some aspect of communication, since that IS our specialty.

For Busy People Who NEED To Know!

For purchases of more than ten cards of the same title, we can offer a discount.

Because our help cards are rather unique, we have made available online free previews. You should be able to read them on a normal screen, but they ARE in graphic form, and can be as large as 160k bytes (it can take a bit to load to your computer.

The following cards are online for preview. Previews are graphic representations optimized for speed of loading. They do not represent actual product quality. To order go to order form HERE. 

To preview clink on links at bottom.

Presenting To Resistant/Difficult Groups Help Card 

This help card explains how to present to resistant or hostile groups so that your message gets heard, and overt hostility is reduced. Topics include: 

Behavior of Resistant Groups 
Basic Principles 
Credibility Enhancement Tactics 
Specific Tips Including: 

    Use of Agendas/Chair 
    Use of Cooperative Language
Specific Problems Covered Include: 

Side-tracking, heckling, direct insults, civil objections 

Ideal for government and education staff, or anyone required to present ideas to unreceptive audiences. Price: $12.95. 

An Integrated Strategic Planning Model Help Card 

On of a two card set, card presents the purposes of planning, understanding the process, and the steps. We recommend you purchase both strategic planning cards. Price: $12.95. 

Making Strategic Planning Work Help Card 

Tips on how to make the strategic planning process a living, dynamic process that adds value to your organization. Also includes a diagram of the process. Keep that plan out of the back of the desk drawer. We recommend you purchase both strategic planning cards. Price: $12.95. 

Defusing Hostility Help Card 

The defusing hostility help card contains a number of tips and strategies taken from our best selling seminars on this topic. Valuable tips on how to defuse hostile people and volatile situations. An ideal job aid or reminder for people who have taken our Defusing Hostility seminars. Price: $12.95. 

Communicating Cooperatively In The Workplace Help Card 

Laminated help card with guidelines and specific tips on communicating cooperatively to prevent and solve conflict situations in the workplace. Focuses on prevention to avoid escalating. Content applies to various situations (e.g.. boss-employee, employee-employee, and employee-customer). Price: $12.95. 

How To Contribute To Your Own Teams' Health Help Card 

More workplaces are going to a team-based approach. This laminated help card provides a number of tips on how each person can contribute optimally to the productivity and effectiveness of the team. Content is based on focusing on personal responsibility, a somewhat different approach that suggests team members begin their understanding of teams by looking at their own responsibilities rather than discussing issues like group dynamics. Price: $12.95. 

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Influencing Your Boss - Getting Heard Cooperative Communication In The Workplace
Defusing Hostility How To Contribute To Your Own Team's Health
Presenting To Resistant/Difficult Groups An Integrated Strategic Planning Model
Making Strategic Planning Work The Responsive Manager


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